2021 Fundraiser for the Mu Chapter House


Dear Brothers, 

Well, it is actually a blessing to be able to continue with our chapter operations, all be it on a modified basis due to COVID.  This environment has, however, allowed for the display of significant creative efforts by a group of young men that I am proud to call Brothers.  The current Members, especially the Chapter Officers, have done a remarkable job ranging not only from keeping the House functioning but also improving the results in attracting quality Associate Members while raising the House GPA to admirable levels along with assisting in the physical improvement to the individual “Study” rooms and even removing the old Kitchen stove.


Nonetheless, an angst continues to be the level of donations from the older Alums.  We don’t seem to be keeping pace with the level of achievement the active Members are demonstrating.  There are periodic noteworthy contributions from some Brothers, including:  Larry Obenauf Mu 652, Doug Kenealy Mu 709, Craig Field Mu 765, and of course the continual assistance we receive from Bob Veenstra Mu 740. Then there are the efforts of three Alums who have made extensive contributions in terms of their expertise, time, and physical efforts.  These are:  Ryan Jones Mu 1107, Tysen Landmesser Mu 1099, and Bruce Nordmann Mu 803.


I realize that I always harp on the matter of donations, but I can’t help it.  With the drop in ISU enrollment, the glut of rental units, and the increased competition coming from other Houses, we can’t get complacent.  We need to step up our game and provide more support for those who are leading the way.  Therefore, I believe the Brothers need to catch up with and amplify the enthusiasm being generated by the younger (and not quite so young) Members who are to be congratulated for setting the standard.  So please give them/us the financial assistance needed to get this done.


If you want to give by check then send them to:  MU ASSOCIATION, P.O. BOX 2269, AMES, IA  50010                          

If you want, you can use PayPal at:  Mufund 1849 @ gmail.com or click on the button below.  


Simps  Ron Simpson Mu 713   


Man Stretching

House occupancy Shortage

We need 26 men living in the house to cover our fixed expenses.  We currently have 20 so we are short 5 men. 

Men Volunteering
Student Studying Outside

Room Renovations

Continue to renovate the study rooms to meet the needs of our undergraduate students that study in the internet based education system of today. This priority includes a new heating and cooling system and possibly parking lot improvements. 

Wooden Furnitures

Continue Exterior and Electrical Upgrading

We need to replace the roof and repair the exterior siding of the House. The phase of the project includes upgrading the electrical system to support the needs of the undergraduate members with a system that allows us to be competitive with capacity for refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers.